C19 Immunized

Designed to help you rebuild and grow your business!

C19Immunized™ Official Registration Program has been developed to help businesses affected by the Covid19 pandemic restore client and employee confidence and to help the owners rebuild sales.

Basic Insights:​

Although there is a pent up demand for customers to go back to normal and resume patronizing businesses, customers remain worried about contagion when they interact with the staff of various businesses, such as restaurants, bars, shops, hair salons, banks, and other business where customers come into direct contact with the employees of the business. To drive customer traffic back, businesses need to reassure customers that the customers’ exposure risk to Covid-19 has been mitigated as much as possible. The best way to reassure customers about risk of exposure to Covid-19 is to have a clearly visible sign that shows them that the employee with whom they are interacting–the salesperson, the waitperson, the cashier, etc.,–has been vaccinated.

Our Solution:

A business can reassure customers by advertising that it supports vaccination of its employees in two ways:

1) It can post a sign on its door or outside window declaring the business’ support for vaccination of its staff, and 

2) It can have each of its vaccinated employees wear a clearly visible, attractive pin indicating that the staff member with whom the customer comes into contact has been fully vaccinated. 

3) To further reassure customers, we will not supply any pins to businesses without an explicit representation that only vaccinated employees will be permitted to wear the pins we supply. Once a business has made this representation, it will be added to our database where customers can find businesses that have committed to supporting immunization for their employees. 



How does C19Immunized™ work?

A participating business will 

Make representations that only vaccinated employees would be permitted to wear pins and become registered in C19Immunized™ database.
Receive official C19Immunized™ pins for all their vaccinated employees.
Receive a kit consisting of C19Immunized™ window/door decals, electronic logo files to use in their web/social media presence, as well as a press release draft to announce the business’ Program participation to its current and prospective customers
Have access to the latest vaccine immunization news, testing, and other Covid19 related information and analysis

The Right Plan for Your Business

1-25 Employees

$ 149 Year
  • two large window decals
  • two door decals
  • two POS decals
  • up to 25 official pins

26-50 Employees

$ 249 Year
  • three large window decals
  • three door decals
  • three POS decals
  • up to 50 official pins

51-100 Employees

$ 379 Year
  • four large window decals
  • four door decals
  • four POS decals
  • up to 100 official pins
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100+ Employees – quote upon request

Phase / 1

We help businesses reassure their customers by supplying window/door stickers advertising a business’ support for the vaccination of its employees. Here it is:


We also help by supplying attractive pins that employees can (and would want to) wear, which customers can clearly see. This is what they look like:


To reassure customers further, we ask all participating businesses to certify that they will not distribute any pins to people who have not been vaccinated and that they will not allow unvaccinated employees to wear the pins we supply. Business owners wishing to participate will need to commit to properly displaying the C19Immunized™ insignia and will supply each eligible employee with an official C19Immunized™ pin after receiving satisfactory proof of that employee’s immunization.